Youth Creative Night: Shrinky Dinks with Claire Hunter

Held In partnership with BGC Greater Saint John, Chroma NB’s Youth Creative Nights are monthly arts engagement events, hosted by 2SLGBTQIA facilitators and held for 2SLGBTQIA youth and allies between 12 and 18 years old. Creative Nights aim to break down social isolation and foster a safe space where participants can make friends, learn a new skill, and creatively nurture their sense of self within a community of like-minded individuals.
Claire Hunter is back for another Youth Creative Night, this time showcasing the wonders of Shrinky Dinks. In partnership with BGC, at this workshop participants will learn tips and tricks for working with shrink plastic, aka “Shrinky Dink”. All you’ll need to get started is shrink film, Sharpies, and scissors. Draw and cut out your designs and pop them into the oven and watch as your creations shrink to half their original size. Turn your tiny plastic creations into charms, pendants, or pins.

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