Rainbow Stories

“For the majority of my life, I’ve struggled with depression. I remember seeing my first counsellor when I was still in elementary school and continued counselling into adulthood. I always knew there was something different and weird about me; whether it was depression, anxiety or ADHD, there were always feelings of self-doubt that came along with identity. Through my undergraduate and masters degrees in English Literature, most of my art and writing focused on self and identity, exploring bodies and connection to oneself and others. Over time, things started to get better. I came out as pansexual, as nonbinary, began appreciating and accepting who I was. I started medication, got engaged and started a family. I separated myself from Academics to do work in the non-profit sector. I then started Chroma, with a team I could not be more proud of. I find that when people say “it gets better”, they don’t say what that means. I still struggle with depression, anxiety, and ADHD. I struggle with deadlines and duty, but passion, love, self-acceptance, kindness, and fighting for the rights of marginalized people have made life okay. Better than okay. Today I can say for the first time that I am proud of who I am and who I have grown to be, that I can have the true honour of working for a team that can help all of the previous versions of me that was too afraid to say “I’m queer”. I fought for my own happiness, but I would not be here if not for those who fought for me, too. My team, my family and my friends, who accepted me every time I came out to them. That is what I want to give everybody with Chroma.”

Kieran Pridgeon, they/them/their

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“I’m happy to identify multisexual because just one label does and can not define me as a person. I have a free spirit that soars the sky, and my life today reflects the energy, love, and freedom that I have as a person and in my relationships with family, friends, and partners. My hope for the future is that all of humanity can feel such freedom, so every day can be filled with rainbows and we will no longer have to face storms of hate and rejection ever again! Remember, love is love and it can move mountains.”

helga (Inger) nielsen, she/her

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