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Saint John Tool Library membership benefits

Chroma has a Saint John Tool Library membership that we are able to share with our community. The Tool Library offers 3 day loans of tools, workshop space, and other great resources. Find out more at To use Chroma’s shared membership, please send us an email at or message us through one of our social media channels letting us know when you’ll be headed to the Tool Library to borrow tools.

UBU Atlantic: Saint John

UBU is an organization serving the Atlantic Canadian transgender population and their close friends and family members throughout the transition process. They seek to affirm identities in a way that will positively influence the individual’s transition at home, school, and in the workplace. also have close ties with the NB Transgender Health Network and strive to ensure everyone is able to find access to healthcare providers. Contact them at or

NB Social Pediatrics

New Brunswick Social Pediatrics is an interprofessional, community-based approach to care for children and their families in New Brunswick. Did you know you can self-refer? Contact them at or find them on Facebook and Instagram at @nbsocialpediatrics.

The Saint John Sexual Health Centre

The Saint John Sexual Health Centre is made up of a team that includes two nurse practitioners, a licensed practical nurse, and administrative support. The health centre focuses on promoting healthy sexual attitudes and responsible sexual behaviour among adolescents and adults of all ages and genders. They can provide prescriptions for PrEP and hormones. Click here for more information.

Specialized care for people who identify as a sexual or gender minority (2SLGBTQIA+)

This section of our website provides safe and easy navigation through the sometimes confusing path in the health system to being your authentic self – a hub for 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals and their families to find information, resources, and community connections in New Brunswick. It also offers
a list of services provided by Horizon and Vitalité Health Networks and our health partners in the communities we serve.

Saint John Uptown Health Centre

The Saint John Uptown Health Centre is now providing a clinic that can prescribe HRT for adults 18+. You will need a hormone readiness letter from a WPATH trained counsellor or from a support person/provider. The intake team can provide the information needed.

Contact the Saint John Uptown Health Centre by:
Phone: (506) 674-5022 | Fax: (506) 674-4382
In person, talk to front desk staff: Uptown Health Centre: 110 Charlotte Street, Saint John, NB

Name and Gender Marker Change Navigation

Do you need assistance navigating a legal name change or sex marker change through Service New Brunswick? Find our visual name and gender marker change navigation tools here or reach out to, as we can help.

The Kindness Closet

The Kindness Closet is a curated, non-profit thrift boutique located at 17 N Market St in uptown SJ, and they now host our chest binder library! Sizes XS to 4XL in different styles are available to try on, and a small selection of donated chest binders will be available to take home, depending on demand. On Wednesdays this summer, our intern Luc will be on-site to provide sizing advice and safer binding practices! More info available here, or contact them at!

New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

New Brunswick Public Library

The New Brunswick Public Library hosts a catalogue of 2SLGBTQIA+ resources.. All reading materials are categorized to help you find what you are looking for, with categories such as “Coming Out”, “Rights”, and so much more. This catalogue not only includes library books, but also podcasts about 2SLGBTQIA+ issues, crisis line links and tool kits, trainings and information sheets.

Untoxicated Queers

Based in Halifax, NS UNtoxicated Queers believes Informed choices, broader understanding, and health and wellness initiatives can enhance the lives of those in the Rainbow Community who are former and current substance users and/or who are affected by addictive behaviours of all kinds. Contact them at untoxicatedqueers@chromanb or on Facebook or Instagram @UNtoxicatedqueers

Reproductive Justice NB

RJNB is an advocacy group that is working to make New Brunswick a province where each person can decide if, when, and how to parent. The have a listing of resources for trans and gender diverse New Brunswickers here.

New Brunswick Transgender Health Network

The NB Transgender Health Network is an interdisciplinary group of healthcare professionals and community partners seeking to improve services for transgender people in NB. Contact them at or find them on Facebook.


Primary healthcare services to lesbian gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirited, intersex, queer or questioning individuals. Our goal is to provide dignified, non-judgmental services to help clients feel better, cope better with day-to-day challenges and address specific LGBTQ+ health issues. More information here.

A Guide to Eating Disorders in the 2SLGBTQ+ Community

This resource speaks to our experiences as 2SLGBTQ+ individuals who have accessed support for eating disorders. While the dominant narrative of eating disorders only affecting white, middle-class,  heterosexualcisgender, teenage girls is being challenged, this long-told story has informed our experiences of care. It informs how doctors understand eating disorders, who might be perceived to struggle, and who can access referrals for support and treatment. More information here.


TransCare+ is a community-based organization run by and for queer and gender diverse folx. We strive to centre holistic, community-focused, and anti-colonial understandings of care and wellness in a way that is accessible to queer and gender diverse folx of various lived experiences. To do so, we work with queer and gender diverse communities to identify, develop, and provide services and resources that meet the care needs of queer and gender diverse folx across so-called Canada. TransCare+ operates as a knowledge hub, educational platform/service provider, and care collective. Contact them at or on Facebook. Learn more.

Beyond Acceptance

Beyond Acceptance is a virtual monthly gathering on the 3rd Thursday of each month for parents, guardians, and family members of 2SLGBTQ+ children, teens, and young adults. Chat with other caregivers from the comfort and privacy of your home. Beyond Acceptance Mission Our mission is to create a safe space for parents, family members and supporters of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth to have open and honest conversations. We strive to offer a supportive and positive environment that will increase participants’ ability to embrace, admire, and understand the gender and/or sexuality of a youth in their life, and how they can help their youth flourish. Register Here

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