Queer Prom

Get ready to celebrate an unforgettable night as we mark the end of the school year with a bang at Queer Prom! Join us at the stunning Sanctuary Theatre, nestled within the InterAction Theatre, for an evening filled with joy, love, and endless laughter. Note: This event is for youth ONLY. Grades 9-12. Date: JuneContinue reading “Queer Prom”

A Student Perspective on Chroma’s Rainbow Lunch Club

Rainbow Lunch Club is one of the programs offered by Chroma for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and allies! When asked where I wanted to be placed for my high school Co-op class, I fought to get a placement with a program that promotes inclusivity and helps those like me. Everyday students from local high schools walk toContinue reading “A Student Perspective on Chroma’s Rainbow Lunch Club”