Preventing Monkeypox (mpox)* and fighting stigma

Since early May, more than 60,000 cases of mpox have been reported worldwide. This is the largest ever outbreak of the disease. In Canada, 1,379 cases have been confirmed. 

Most recent global research concludes that 98% of positive cases have been in gay or bisexual men, and transmission has primarily been suspected to occur during sexual activity. However, “anyone can get or pass on mpox, regardless of their sexuality”, the World Health Organization says.

While this is not just an issue for our rainbow community, at Chroma NB we do acknowledge that marginalized groups are disproportionately affected by the disease. 

“Anyone can get or pass on mpox, regardless of their sexuality”

World Health Organization, 2022

Given that the virus is being identified in these groups, learning about mpox will help to slow down and eventually stop the outbreak. 

Chroma believes public health messaging around the current mpox outbreak must be clear and specific, and leave no room for public assumptions. We want to avoid repeating a scenario of harm done to the gay community during the HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

We want to acknowledge that the current eligibility criteria stigmatizes members of our community. At the same time, Chroma is sharing this information to provide members of our community with information on how to obtain the vaccine in an attempt to reduce the spread of mpox.

Book a Vaccine Appointment

Patients/clients that are eligible will be able to book a vaccine appointment at a NB Regional Health Authority clinic through the Provincial Scheduling system Home ( or by calling VNB (1-833-437-1424). Patients/clients will be able to use the same process to book at subsequent clinics as they become available.

Learn more about mpox

Mpox virus update

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is working with health authorities in all provinces and territories to look into cases of mpox in Canada. See the current situation.

*Chroma is following the lead of the Community Based Research Centre (CBRC) in our language around the mpox virus.

We are starting to use the term mpox (instead of monkeypox) in an effort to reduce stigma and racism. Naming viruses after locations they were identified can associate viral diseases with particular nations, cultures, and people. The term monkeypox associates mpox with the African continent, where the virus has been found in monkeys and other wildlife. However, this association is not helpful in understanding current global outbreaks”. (CBRC, 2022)

Chroma: Pride, Inclusion, Equality Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides support for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in the Saint John Region. Chroma commits to advocating for and collaborating with our community, as well as providing 2SLGBTQIA+ education to all. We promote positive initiatives for the community and conduct research to highlight gaps in services and policy to encourage positive change.

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