Expressions of Pride: Youth and Educators React to Policy 713

Our campaign “Expressions of Pride” has concluded, and we’re grateful for the response from the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and allies in New Brunswick. Through art and letters, participants have highlighted the impact of Policy 713, both as it was and as it is since this spring’s revisions. The policy initially aimed to create an inclusive space for S2LGBTQI+ students in schools.

However, recent revisions requiring parental consent for name and pronoun changes in youth under 16 years of age have raised concerns for transgender and gender-diverse youth.

Higher Risk for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Youth

The revised policy puts vulnerable students at risk, especially those without supportive families. Requiring parental consent could lead to emotional and physical harm for S2LGBTQI+ students in unsupportive home environments.

Expressions of Pride

We collected powerful stories and expressions , shedding light on the challenges faced by S2LGBTQI+ students. These voices call for change and inspire us to advocate for a more inclusive educational environment. Some submissions have names attached to them, while other submitters chose to remain anonymous.

Credit: Rowan Little

Advocating for Change
Submissions will be sent to the Child and Youth Advocate’s office, New Brunswick Premier Blain Higgs, and Minister of Education Bill Hogan, providing input directly from youth and educators about the policy revisions and prioritizing the safety and well-being of S2LGBTQI+ youth, especially transgender and non-binary youth.

The deadline to submit art or other “Expressions of Pride” was August 4, 2023, in order to send these on to our Child and Youth Advocate before August 15, but our commitment to inclusivity continues. We will continue to accept submissions which we will pass on to the Premier and Minister of Education. Join us in amplifying these voices, advocating for change, and building a more supportive and accepting future for LGBTQ+ students in New Brunswick schools!

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