Chroma Partnership with The Kindness Closet

Chroma started its partnership with The Kindness Closet in May 2023. The Kindness Closet, a thrift boutique with a vision to make the world more kind, has made an excellent partner. As part of our partnership, a fellow intern and I volunteer in The Kindness Closet. The boutique brings a sense of community where I often see familiar faces each week. Our partnership has also found a new home for Chroma’s chest binders and Chroma’s Binder Library. This change to a new space has allowed more opportunity for folks to access the garments, try on the garments, and take home any that are available. Chest binders are gender affirming garments worn most commonly by trans masculine people, and those that wish to reduce the look of breasts. (Credit: Luc Wolfe)

Chroma: Pride, Inclusion, Equality Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides support for 2SLGBTQIA+ people in the Saint John Region. Chroma commits to advocating for and collaborating with our community, as well as providing 2SLGBTQIA+ education to all. We promote positive initiatives for the community and conduct research to highlight gaps in services and policy to encourage positive change.

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