Two-Spirit Allyship Workshop

On June 8th, Chroma NB and students from the Saint John Learning Exchange attended a Two-Spirit allyship workshop graciously hosted by Gage Perley, a respected member of the Wolastoquey and Mi’kmaq tribes from the Tobique First Nation (Neqotkuk), who identifies as a Two-Spirit man. The topic of Two-Spirit identity was explored, we identified issues that 2SLGBTQQIA+ individuals face nationally and regionally, shared resources and had an open discussion.

During the workshop, we delved deep into the multifaceted aspects of Two-Spirit identity. Gage provided invaluable insights, drawing from his personal experiences and heritage, shedding light on the historical, cultural, and spiritual significance of Two-Spirit individuals within Indigenous communities. Through his storytelling and open-hearted discussions, Gage offered a rich tapestry of knowledge, allowing attendees to grasp the nuanced and diverse nature of Two-Spirit identities.

Armed with a deeper understanding of Two-Spirit identity, the attendees left the workshop with a renewed commitment to challenging stereotypes, advocating for inclusivity, and actively working towards creating a society that celebrates and embraces the diversity of all its members.

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