Teaming Up To Provide Access to Safe Binders

NOTE: Our January binder order is now FULL! We will be doing this again, keep up to date with our socials to see when our next form goes up!

Are you interested in binding your chest, but aren’t quite sure how to get a binder? Well, you’re in luck! We have binders, and we want to help you out! 

Chest binding is the act of flattening the chest tissue using constrictive materials, often to create the appearance of a more masculine chest shape. Binding can help alleviate dysphoria for a lot of transmasculine or non-binary people, and has been proven to decrease feelings of depression and anxiety, as well as suicidal thoughts. It can also cause an increase in self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. The safest way to bind your chest is with a compression garment made specifically for the task – a binder. 

Each month, Chroma has access to binders donated from gc2b, including new or gently used garments. We understand that accessing binders is not the easiest task, as they are unavailable to buy in stores anywhere in Saint John and other cities. Chroma NB and QT Fatties are partnering with gc2b to provide individuals with the chance to receive a free binder, by taking requests through an online form. Once we’ve received the requested binders from gc2b, we package the binders with information on how to bind safely and prepare them to be mailed out or picked up. 

We’ve had a chance to see some reactions of recipients at our pick-up location in Saint John, and we could not be happier about them. Those who have received a binder from this partnership have expressed how much more comfortable they feel now, and some have mentioned having difficulty purchasing one themselves. Our aim with this partnership is to provide access to binders for those who otherwise may not have it, due to any number of reasons. 

Chroma is endlessly grateful to gc2b for allowing us the opportunity to help out members of the rainbow community in our city and province. If you’d like a chance to request a free binder from gc2b through Chroma, keep an eye out for an announcement that the application form is open on our social media accounts. Please keep in mind that these forms are only up for a short period of time until our maximum allowable order is reached.

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